From The Crew

Welcome to our PODCAST where we give other people an inside peek about jewelry and how it is made along with also talking about a few of our other passions like Tattoos, Photography, True Crime / Paranormal things, and Animals. The CEO Bruce even allowed us to get a company dog...that’s Conway, but don’t worry! He will be on the podcast too!


Our mission is to leave a message and hope that millennials and the GenZ crew can relate to it because we will approach it from our perspective. Every day, we are in the middle of one of the most innovative jewelry-making facilities in the world, working alongside some of the best artisans you can imagine. Sarah and I (Amanda) are going to use this Podcast to talk about jewelry, how it’s made, answer some of the most FAQ about jewelry, interview some of the most knowledgeable folks in the jewelry industry and yes, there will be Conway visits too! 😊

So we feel like the most important thing we can do is take advantage of this great opportunity to teach all of our peers the stuff we are learning every day in this big beautiful world of jewelry manufacturing. Enough about us and Conway…let’s make jewelry!

Podcast Host 


Sup guys?! Nugget here to tell you exactly how I became the cool guy of the podcast, so cool I got asked to be a model for Novell’s jewelry! I have been through one heck of an adventure! From losing my family in a storm to getting dropped by the wind into a Panda exhibit at a zoo. I am a lucky seagull though because the pandas were happy to let me join their family. I felt a little left out being the only bird in the family, so I flew to the gift shop and got myself a panda head to fit right in… and then I saw it… the shiny bling. I knew right away I was going to be the coolest seagull panda out there! One day Amanda and Sarah saw me, and they could not help but admire my beautiful furry feathers and asked me to be the mascot of Novell, along with my other adopted brother Conway, the two-colored-eyed panda dog.

Favorite Novell style: AS705Z


Podcast Host 

Amanda Panda

Hey guys, Amanda here... 

Since I started working at Novell 5 years ago, I’ve been the chief hand metal braider, stone sorter, CAD programmer, CAD manager, and well, OK…now I’m even supposed to be a PODCAST celebrity! I remember before I even graduated college and I received a phone call that I got a position at Novell. I thought "I want to do everything", now that five years have passed and even though I haven’t done everything, I still feel like I’ve done a bunch and the future here is so exciting with all the really cool roles I have. In fact, the department head of social media (that’s Sean) said I was so important to the company, he gave me my own PODCAST and let me be able to choose my partner in crime, Sarah, to be my co-host. Besides all the roles I have at Novell, I have also been an active volunteer for seven years (and counting) to a local animal shelter where we help all types of animals find their FURever homes. My shelter family and I help train dog’s obedience, socialize both cats and dogs who need a little extra help when shy, and just help them able to feel love and comfort again. When I am not running out and about you can find me at home chillin’ with my 2 fur babies, playing both PC and console video games, and/or watching movies.

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Sarah Siegel

Podcast Host

I’m a huge "nut-job". At first, my personality is pretty monochromatic, but as you get to know me I become the complete opposite. Sometimes it’s fun. I am a proud fur baby mom of 13 animals, and a proud scaly mom to 2 lizards. I enjoy sitting at home, watching TV most of the time, and hanging out with my pets. At Novell, I am a photographer and customer service rep. I’ve proudly been here for 3 years and I hope many more. My interests include tattoos, animals, loud heavy music, photography, and nature. Anime is pretty cool too. 

Favorite Novell style: ND17484


On-Air Personality & The Voice of Nugget 

Drew Fournier

Hey! It’s Drew. I’m the voice of Nugget as well as an editor of the show! Here at Novell I am part of the customer service team, helping our valued customers with any questions or problems they may have about our products. I also help monitor and run our various social media pages.

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Outside of Novell, I am a keyboard player and singer/songwriter that writes, produces, and performs my own music. I am also an avid fan of pro wrestling and a very slightly above-average chess player!

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Video Editor 

Edmond Wong

Edmond works for Continental creating showcase videos for B2B.
In his own words: "I wish to heighten my editing skills from projects from Novell and as the video editor of the podcast. I am not one to talk much about themselves, but I hope this would be something I can work on."

Favorite Novell style: N17338



The Boss

Rouf! My name is Conway, and I am the two-colored-eyed panda dog that likes to walk in the shadows of my fellow family members at Novell’s office. I was rescued from a terrible situation where I had over 200 brothers and sisters, but now I have a loving family at Novell where I have trained them very well. My favorite hobbies are walking to everyone’s desk, where I have trained them to give me a treat, then I would back to my bed under Sarah’s desk with a full tummy and knock out. Once I make my rounds to everyone’s desk and catch some sheep in my sleep a few times, I like to make sure that I give Amanda and Edmond a tour around the factory office outside to sniff the smells in the air.

Favorite Novell style: CWCKEY2

Sean (Jac) McCormick 

Executive Producer & On-Air Personality 

When Sean is not playing guitar, he is our Business Development Manager and Director of Social Media. His main focus at Novell is helping retailers drive foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar and/or online retail store by using social media and the company podcast. 

Sean is a proud supporter of the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, Vitamin Angels, and Autism Speaks.

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