Mother's Day Gifts That Your Mom Might, Maybe, Hopefully Like?

Updated: May 5

Mother's Day is around the corner! Here are a few jewelry ideas that our team picked from our catalog that we felt are the most suitable gifts for our moms.

Amanda's pick: LD4482

"I feel I connect to this piece the most and it would make a perfect gift for my mom because it reminds me of the stars. When I was younger my mom and I would go to a star’s observatory almost every week and look up at the stars and planets. That was one our favorite memories to this day and we still talk about it every time we drive past the location."


Drew's pick: LD4266

"This ring reminds me of Mother's Day because it seems like the perfect gift that my mom would want. My mom is not a huge fan of big diamonds on her rings and this cool, interwoven design with a number of small diamonds would really appeal to her."


Edmond's pick: ED4535

"Gift your mom with a wonderful bouquet or give her a bouquet-like ring! The flower on this ring has six petals, each representing the virtues of love our mothers have given us. Wisdom, courage, kindness, righteousness, forgiveness and gratitude."


Nugget's pick: NCK4465

This necklace would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift for my mom because it’s similar to the necklace I wear! Also the stones being green reminds me of our favorite food... Bamboo, and you can’t go wrong with bamboo!


Sean's Pick: Miss Your Touch

Designed by Ted Poley, best known as the lead singer for the rock band Danger Danger (voted one of VH-1’s all time Hair Metal bands), Ted is a highly skilled, original and creative jewelry designer. Miss Your Touch is the easiest way of reminding someone how you would hold them close if you could. The design and that emotion are fertile ground for boundless ideas of expression.

In Ted’s own words… "I created the Miss Your Touch concept so that during this time people can still express their closeness to their loved ones.

This is a way to stay connected a tangible way to let the people you care about know that you are still close - despite the current distancing situation.”

So, if you are un able to see your Mother on Mother’s Day this year, Miss Your Touch is a great way to let her know that you are thinking of her.


Be well,