The Innovation Report: A PODCAST for The Plumb Club by Novell Global.

This podcast helps bring simple clarity to everything innovative. As a retailer there are many challenges to face and regularly upgrading technologies can make a digital strategy complicated and expensive. Sean McCormick and Sarah Siegel provide suggestions on creating a plan and measuring metrics. They suggest rethinking the way you view your website and utilizing it as more than just a billboard, but as a digital salesperson - setting goals and reevaluating every six-months in order to get the best ROI. They discuss the various social media platforms available and how best to capture new customers via social media by connecting with them on an intimate level.

Sean McCormick is the Director of Social Media / Business Development Manager and Sarah Siegel is the company photographer / Customer Service Representative for Novell.

About the Plumb Club

Founded in 1983 by a small group of distinguished manufacturers as a social club, The Plumb Club has evolved into one of the jewelry industry's leading supplier organizations.

The Plumb Club is a unique coalition of leading and important suppliers spanning all facets of the jewelry, diamond and watch industries.

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